Kennel Accommodation

Duke Kennels Accommodation

Kennel accommodation can vary with size of dog, our main kennel block caters for 30 medium to large breeds. All kennels have inner bedding area and outside run. Our Boarding Package for Dogs is designed to include everything needed for a comfortable stay, including:

Making things a bit more homely

In our kennel accommodation the radio is left on for our guests, as recommended by animal behaviourists to provide comfort and a reminder of home. During warm weather, your pet will have access to their own private run, so they can choose to snooze in the sun or recline in the shade of their bedroom if they prefer. Providing your dog is not on any special diet, we like to give our guests a little night time treat just before bedtime.


We will provide a good quality complete food or we will serve food provided and aim to keep things as close to your pet’s home routine as possible, so there are options for breakfast, lunch and dinner time meals.


Bowls are topped up throughout the day, so your pet always has access to fresh water.


Each spacious kennel has a comfortable plastic bed with a freshly laundered fleecy mat

Maid service

We clean the Kennels every morning whilst your dog is out walking


All our dogs are walked/exercised daily.

Exercise and play

Free running exercise and play time in our paddocks in the morning, lunch time and evening, with a good helping of fuss and attention included!

Insurance and medical care

Comprehensive boarding insurance provided and access to a vet “on call” 24 hours a day

Medication administered

If required (please note that we only charge extra for injections, as they are usually time critical)

kennel accommodation
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