Reception Process

Our Reception Process

  • Remember to bring the current vaccination certificate for each pet. We will need to see this before your pet can be accommodated.
  • If supplying food and/or medicines, please ensure these are labelled with your pet’s name and a note of dosage given to our team.
  • If bringing bedding, please ensure it is of a reasonable size and limit any toys to three (of a decent size) – keeping in mind they may be ‘well used’ by your pet during their stay.
  • If we are away from Reception when you arrive, please ring the bell and wait in Reception as we are likely to either be with another customer or settling in a newly arrived pet
  • Please don’t attempt to enter any of our buildings, other than Reception, unless accompanied by one of our team as we take the safety of our boarders very seriously.
  • Please always take the time to make us aware of any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and well-being  We are happy to keep an eye on any of these concerns during their stay with us and being aware of these things will help us to take even better care of them.
  • We require customers to sign our reception sheets at the time of booking in. This ensures that you agree with the information we hold in terms of feed type and time, medication, mobile phone number/emergency contact and pick up time and date. It also asks that you appreciate our conditions of insurance and give us permission to take any action as may be necessary to ensure the best care of your pet whilst they are in our care.

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